Sunday, October 30, 2011

tv might be the devil

I was watching Pop Up Video while doing my morning walk on the treadmill. GH came downstairs still wearing his footed pajamas. I didn't noticed him until he started jumping around to Fat Joe's Lean Back song. I guess GH is into gangsta rap because he was so happy. I immediately turned it off even though Pop Up Video edits profanity out. It's obviously still not appropriate.

GH really wanted to watch some tv. So I let him watch an episode of Penguins of Madagascar. The kids haven't seen it for a while. But, I really did miss watching it. So I had recorded an episode. I know, I'm so lame. Anyway, the penguin leader broke a bone. This caused GH's hypochondria to kick in. He thought his toy kitty had a broken leg too. So now GH is all worried about that.

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