Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leaf Me Alone

*Thank you Shelia for your fantastic blog title entry:D

We found this huge leaf the other day. The kiddos have been fighting over it.

 It's like gigantic;D
 GH fell asleep on the floor. So Cutie Pie decided that she should put the tent up over him. I'm sure a blanket would have been good enough. But, Cutie Pie is all about going above and beyond when it comes to spoiling her brothers.
 Big Dog has been taking his posse of stuffed animal friends everywhere with him. The other day he shooed them out of the house like we do with the kiddos. It was pretty cute. But, these animal friends drive me crazy. I'm constantly throwing them in the washer because they are filthy. They also bring  more leaves and dirt into the house than all the kiddos put together. My kitchen is never clean and my sanity is hanging by a string. But, Big Dog is having a good time;D

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