Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Two of the Four Day Weekend

Cutie Pie's swimming lessons began again. She was excited.

 Then we headed over to the Mahoney State Park Rec Center. Cutie Pie has been talking non stop about this place. She went there last week for a friends birthday party. We are thinking of having the boys birthday party there too. Simply because it's awesome.

Here's a picture of Big Dog and I. Aren't we adorable?:D
 The boys really loved the ball pits.
 GH told me "This is fun."
 The boys did a little exploring. Big Dog made it to the top. But, GH didn't do so well. When we were crawling through a tube he decided to go back. He said "Sorry Mom" Poor little guy. 

Cutie Pie was all over the place. Mostly she was way up top. So I didn't get any good photos of her

We are definitely enjoying our extra family time.

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