Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuff that doesn't fly at the Smartypants Institute....

Cutie Pie is often off task. However, she can still complete one of these work sheets in less than five minutes. This is where her school and I do not see eye to eye. Cutie Pie brings home worksheets marked like this all the time.
 The M's are for what she does on Mondays, T's are for Tuesdays and so on. Cutie Pies math is the same way. She might do eight problems a day.  They aren't even hard for her. I know we don't want to push  children too hard. Especially ones who struggle academically. But, eight problems is all she can muster in a days time? Whatever! She is more capable than that. So I made her do a few of these sheets and about 25 subtraction problems. She also read me some books, and did some folder games. If the school is reading this, don't worry. She hasn't had to be hospitalized for over exertion:D
:Big Dog is a huge fan of this US map puzzle. He did it about a dozen times today:)


  1. What grade is she? That is surprising that they only do that much at school. What else are they doing?

  2. Shes in first grade. This is what the school reported that she did today

    sequence numbers 1-50
    Cat in the Hat + activity
    3 sheets for handwriting/spelling
    and a Weekly Reader
    She had computer and library today as well. I guess Im just a little dissappointed. I just feel she can do more. But, maybe Im in denial or something;)