Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day One of Four

The kiddos have a four day weekend. So for day one we went to the zoo.And in the evenin g one of Cutie Pies friends came to our house to play and have supper. At dinner time C was asked what his favorite class was in school. He told us it was recess. I appreciated this young mans honesty:D

Anyway, here are pictures from the zoo. I know I post too many. But I use my blogs for photo archiving.

 The kiddos always love watching the tapirs. I do too....they are cool.

 Big Dog raced the penguins. He might be the child that's leading. But, the penguins usually win the races. They are fast.
 The jelly fish are back on display. So Cutie Pie was happy.
 The kiddos got to touch corral and a sponge this time.

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