Friday, July 20, 2012

Taking Our Show On The Road - Day Three

Captain Awesome wanted to go to Deadwood. So we headed that way this morning. 

We ended up at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Along the by-way we saw a beautiful creek. We saw an area to pull to the side of the road. Then despite the sign forbidding it;D Captain Awesome took Cutie Pie and Big Dog down a steep trail, so they could cross the stream on the big rocks.  

 It was a long and scenic drive to Devils Tower. We got a few pictures at a distance. But, by the time we got up to the gates that we were hungry. So we stopped at a cafe and ate. We were super close. But, forgot to take another picture. Luckily, we didn't forget to get a pressed penny from Devil's Tower to add to our new pressed penny collection:)

 We spent the afternoon at Reptile Gardens. I think our favorite part was the alligator show. The guy was hilarious:) Big Dog LOVED the show. Big Dog always enjoys the dangerous stuff:)
 I saw the croc that was in a 007 movie. The kids didn't care;D
 They did like the mirrors.
 The kiddos also enjoyed the playground....and can you blame them? They basically spent the morning in the car.

 GH needed his binoculars to see the birds.
 Sorry my photos are a mess....these were taken at the park area too.

 Seeing all the turtles made the kids miss Sheldon. Luckily, our friends are taking good care of our pets at home.

 The alligator guy:)

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