Saturday, July 21, 2012

Taking Our Show On The Road - Day Four

This morning we went to the Mammoth Site. The kids enjoyed it. And I thought it was awesome. While we waited in line GH was going nuts. I asked him "GH can you be patient?" He replied "No, I can't Mum"

 You listened to the tour guide on a phone.

 Then we went to Famous Dave's for lunch.
 Then we went back to the hotel to rest a bit. Aren't they cute?
 The kids have been BEGGING us to go to "the chocolate factory" that is right by our hotel. We finally gave in. We spent about $30 on truffles and M&M's. The kids are full of great ideas:D

 Then we went to Storybook Island. It was awesome And FREE! I think we are going back later b/c it's open until 7:)
 Cutie Pie tried to help Humpty Dumpty.

 Cutie Pie was disappointed with the maze.
 GH hitched a ride on Toto.
 Grandma C. is gonna love this photo.

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  1. I went both those places when I was little. I bet I listened to the same phone. :)