Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking Our Show On The Road - Day 1

The Corn as exciting as I remember;D

The kids got creative with their snacks....the best was shooting orange seeds all over the place. Good times!

Gotta love that money;D
Big Dog was a little too comfortable in the saloon. He told us, "I like this place.";D

There's not enough root beer in the whole world to make GH forget about his troubles;D

in the train
Of course Big Dog found the water faucet;D haha

There is this little known place called Wall Drug in South Dakota. It's a well kept secret along the way to Rapid City. It might just be me. But, I think they might get a few people to stop by if they would take the time to advertise;D hahaha

Things heard along the way:
"Give me the map. I'm pretty smart."-Cutie Pie
"Jumping jelly fish." by GH every time we saw something cool
"Walthill is a stupid name." - Cutie Pie
"GH your hair is growing. You are gonna turn into a girl!"said Cutie Pie "Augh! I'm a boy!" said GH
"Ruff, ruff."- Big Dog
"I need pasos (pretzels)" - GH
"5, 10,15" said about a billion times by GH

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