Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outside stuff

The kiddos have been enjoying some time outside even though we are in the middle of a drought. We are super lucky that we have so many trees to provide shade. Well we have shade for now;D

Here's a video of the boys running around. Super cute. 

Big Dog sneaks out of the house frequently. Especially when I take a shower. I do barricade our backdoor with a bookcase but he pushes through it, unlocks the door, hops the backyard fence and runs the neighborhood. He is really quick. Here is a picture of him at our front door (he can't unlock that door b/c we have a lock at the top) Anyway, he was being pretty cute so I snapped a few pictures. 

 The heat wave has dried out our grass and trees. Its like fall in our yard. And now we have a big leaf pile. Which is sort of cool. But definately weird for July.
 This is a picture of Big Dog at about 6:15 this morning. At least he wasn't still in his pj's. There are mornings he is up earlier. And he is out before I can get to him:/ He's chillin' with his posse.
 There's a picture of my boys chasing again. So cute.
 Our trees are dropping leaves. But, we have tulips coming up. So weird.
Big Dog came inside this afternoon and grabbed my hand. He said something I couldn't make out. But, as we walked he said something about a ball. He took me around the corner and pointed to a ball down by the welders shed. So I grabbed him. Gave him a big hug for not crossing the street, and coming to get me instead. I guess all my screaming about staying out of the road helped:) I hate that our street is so busy. But, at least he is becoming more careful:)

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