Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Doll House

Well it's not technically new. I got it at a garage sale for $15. Lucky for me. My kids don't care where I got it:) The elevator doesn't work. But, it came with tons of furniture and Barbies. I actually feel kind of bad for talking the people down. I really didn't know there was that much stuff. 

Cutie Pie loves this doll house just the way it is. But, GH hates that the elevator doesn't work. He kept coming to the doll house with a hammer and his Bob the Builder hat on. He said that he is going to fix it. Cutie Pie told him he was fired. So he left very disappointed. He then brought back his Batman action figure. Batman spent his time rescuing people from the elevator. Thank goodness Batman was there to save the day:)

Cutie Pie told me that she always wanted a doll house. And that "My Barbies will have a much better life in the house and not on my chair.";D Well, I'm all about improving the quality of life for my daughters dolls....so I guess this was a good b-day present. And yes......she didn't get it at her birthday b/c I'm a horrible mom. (In my defense we did get her a small gift and we were in SD)

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