Friday, March 23, 2012

Pictures from Thursday

We went to the Children's Museum on Thursday. Mostly because I wanted to get the kids mind off of Jack. He was gone for two days because he had to go to the vet. And the kids weren't taking it well.

 Big Dog is SOOOOOO good about putting the toys back in the store. I wish he picked up like that at home;D

 GH wanted to blast off with this rocket.

 Cutie did a puppet show for me. It was about an iguana and seal that fell in love. They overcame a lot of obstacles but ended up getting married.
 GH is getting so strong.....
 check out those muscles;D

The most memorable event that night was GH getting locked into his bathroom stall. He was hollering "Mom, it's stuck. Get me outta here." I sent Cutie Pie under the door to unhook the latch but it wouldn't unhook. So they both had to crawl out;D

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