Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some things the Big Dog has been doing

We were eating tacos at dinner last night. Big Dog stared forward. The with his left hand he grabbed the taco on his brothers plate and crushed it. When Captain Awesome told him to stop. Big Dog looked at Captain Awesome with the naughtiest little grin.

Big Dog has been wearing a Rosary around the house and trying to recite prayers. But, that didn't stop him from making time for some art. He got a hold of an orange marker. He drew all over his brothers face. Then went back to praying.

For a time I had been giving Big Dog chewable vitamins after he took his medication. I stopped doing this when I realized Big Dog could open the childproof bottles, He ate a whole bottle of vitamins one day. I forgot that I had an extra bottle of vitamins in the back of the cabinet. But, Big Dog found them yesterday. He brought his medication and a vitamin to me. Then he put both pill bottles next to each other so I wouldn't forget to give him both.

Big Dog insists on wearing socks over his footed pajamas. He is either having sensory issues or he is cold. I'm not sure which.

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