Saturday, September 24, 2011

almost two dozen

We went to the zoo today. We took a lot of photos. But, I am posting just shy of two dozen. I's like I'm trying to be some sort of recluse;D

 We love this time of year. You know the time of year when there are actually more animals at the zoo than people. We just aren't ones for the hot weather and crowds. It's not our style.
 The outside exhibit of primates has orangutans and some other kind of animal that GH called "mokeys". Well the "monkeys" were going crazy and GH started mimicking its singing. Then we went into some of the indoor stuff.

 We did spend most of our time outdoors since we don't know if we will be back to the zoo before the animals are taken indoors for the winter. The kids had a blast feeding the fish.
 I was afraid Big Dog would pull a Narcissus in the Garden of Senses. He got his face almost to the surface of the water. (My kids and their runs in the family you know. One of those drawbacks to being ridiculously good looking.)
 Cutie Pie explained how rhinos use their horns to protect them from predators.
 The kiddos rode many bronze statues. But, these were the best photos.

 Cutie Pie with a puffin.
 GH loved the penguins.

 Penguins that is classy.

 Me and the kiddos

 GH was so proud of himself.

 Apparently GH was not traumatized by this branch swing. Last time he swung on it he fell down and hit his head:( But, he hopped right on today:)
I think my favorite part of today was hearing Cutie Pie say, "I love watching the sea lions Mommy. It is a beautiful experience."

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