Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More pictures from the big day

Not all of the rice krispie ice cream cones made it to swim lessons. But, at least Big Dog was smart enough to steal one for everyone.

 A package was waiting for Cutie Pie when she got home from swim lessons. My mother sent a whole box of books for her. There was also a robotic cat which she named Scott.
 We ate lunch. Then we headed to the splash pad in Fremont.
 The kids had a blast.
 Especially Big Dog....he had a total meltdown when we left. He eventually became concerned when Captain Awesome, GH and Cutie Pie started walking to the car. He started running after them screaming, "Hey you guys come back. Wait!" Poor Big Dog....such an emotional roller coaster:(

 Then we went to DQ to pick up an ice cream cake. Cutie Pie mentioned it more than once this week. She was very concerned that we would forget it. I think it is such a pretty cake.
 Cutie Pie refused to take a non silly picture. This was taken right after pretending to pick her nose. In our home we strive to raise classy children.
 A little later some friends showed up. I was really glad to see them. They are awesome but I was also happy to see them because it gave me a good reason to stop my workout:)

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