Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a Cutie Pie celebration and it starts now.

I was a baking machine last night. I made Oreo truffles for the kiddos swim instructors and some treats for her class. Cutie Pie is really excited to share these ice cream cone snacks with her swim class today.

 I don't remember where I found the recipe. But, its just rice krispies, almond bark, sprinkles, and sixlets to top it off. GH was demanding one for breakfast. He told me it wasn't fair when I told him no.

 Cutie Pie is always making everyone else breakfast in bed. So Captain Awesome thought it would be nice to give her breakfast in bed for once. So he went to BK this morning and got her little feast. She was so surprised:)

 She got a card and flower.
 And she managed to weasel her present out of us before 7:30am. Its a Pillow Pet pig. His name is Spit Dylan. Which I think sounds a lot like a band or a car dealership. Pretty cool either way.
If I have time today I will post more about today's festivities.


  1. Those ice cream cones are really cute. I think I'll need to try making them. :)

  2. They are pretty simple. I bet your kiddos could make them with you. I waited for my kiddos went to sleep;D

  3. What is the white stuff on top? Marshmallow??

  4. Katie it is white almond bark.