Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shriners Circus

We all had a great time at the circus today. GH wasn't entirely sure about the clowns.

 Cutie Pie said her favorite part was the trampoline brothers.

 Big Dog really enjoyed the music at the circus.  He also enjoyed the guy on top of this contraption. I told him this was absolutely not a career option for him. I'm his mother. I have some say in that, right?
GH enjoyed the whole show. But his favorite part was the snow cones.

This performer left a lasting impression on my kiddos.......
I know this because my kiddos tried to recreate his stunt at home. Cutie Pie told me it was ok that they were doing the stunt because her and GH were wearing buckets as helmets.
Hmmm....still doesn't seem safe to me.

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