Saturday, March 19, 2011

The only rational thing to do is panic!

Like everyone else we were completely freaked out psyched for the supermoon tonight. Every 18 years the moon gets a little too close for comfort. And people start freaking out. Some people start writing crazy Face book posts. Not that I would do anything like that. I take social media seriously. People who do that sort of thing are completely immature.

There was cloud cover tonight. So I was ready to send the kiddos to bed and call it a night. But, Captain Awesome convinced us to go out and try to find this elusive supermoon. As we were loading up the kids for our adventure we saw a cop pull over a driver. Captain Awesome did his best Beavis and Butthead immitation of "Breaking the law. Breaking the law." And wouldn't ya know it. GH decided to mimic Captain Awesome. How awesome;)

We didn't see the supermoon because the supermoon is a punk.
So we went home and enjoyed our popcorn and hot chocolate. GH feels hot chocolate is best when you use a straw. We are a classy bunch.

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