Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been reading the Classic Starts version of Pollyanna to Cutie Pie. I never had a chance to read this book as a child. Don't feel too bad for me. I probably wouldn't have liked it anyway. Which makes me surprised that Cutie Pie likes this book. It isn't nearly as exciting as her Magic Tree House Books. Maybe she is just making the best out of a bad situation just like Pollyanna would:)

A few days ago we were reading about how Pollyanna got her name. A combination of her mothers two sisters names. One sister was named Polly the other sister was named Anna. Cutie Pie thought that Pollyanna was a good name. And that we should get a baby from the hospital and name it Pollyanna. (Nice try Cutie Pie) But, I secretly agree with Aunt Polly that Pollyanna is a ridiculous name.

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