Monday, March 7, 2011


Captain Awesome always wants to give up pop for Lent. So I stopped buying pop about a week and a half ago. We still have had a pop here and there. But, I haven't bought a case of it. I didn't want a case sitting in our fridge when Lent started.

I suppose the lack of pop in our fridge defeats the purpose of sacrifice during Lent. But, I find it easier to go without pop if it isn't around. I suppose if I wanted to make a true sacrifice, I would pack our fridge full of delicious pop that I would have to look at during the Lenten season. But, I'm not that good of a Catholic. I don't have that kind of will power. I know I would crack.


  1. Oh, no. That's what FAT Tuesday is all about. Using up all the fats that (used to be) forbidden during Lent. I just made hot chocolate and peanut butter-marshmallow sandwiches for lunch to get rid of some of our remaining sweets.

  2. That sounds like a yummy lunch Stephanie!