Monday, February 14, 2011

Picking a Saint Name

Picking a saint name is very important to Catholics. I'm a convert. So I only have one saint name from when I entered the church in 2008. Almost every cradle Catholic was given a saint name at birth because its strongly suggested by the church. Then you get another saint name at Confirmation. This is an exciting time for children as they search through saint books in search of a saint that they can admire/emulate/relate too.

Captain Awesome's mother like all good Catholic mothers provided her children with a large book of saintly options.
Captain Awesome chose to take the name of Pope Saint Gregory the Great. It figures that Captain Awesome would pick a saint from this book with the title "the Great." ;D

We recently brought this book out for Cutie Pie since she needs to start considering names for when she gets Confirmed in the next few years. But, she already knew what name she wanted to take. And shes actually in this book too. She wants to take Lucy as her saint name. I have to say that I love this idea. Not just because Captain Awesomes family is Swedish and Italian. But, because I will have a great time decorating for her party. I can put out all the pictures from our St. Lucy day celebrations:)



Now that I've gotten my hopes up. She'll probably pick some obscure saint I've never heard of.

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