Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saint Valentines Day Stuff

Lacy from Catholic Icing commented on Face book that it was time to reclaim Saint Valentines Day. Someone else said it was time to put the "Saint" back into the holiday. That made me laugh. Although, Catholics are always pleased when people of other faiths enjoy our feast days. They are still feast days and Catholics should treat them as such. Sure we can do all the secular stuff.....but, let's not forget about keeping the "Saint" in Saint Valentines Day.

I've never made a wreath before. Well except for my annual ugly Christmas wreaths. This one turned out ok considering my lack of experience.  I used a heart wreath, some ribbon, some biblical quotes on love and a Saint Valentine holy card.

Heart scavenger hunts are always great. But, my kids rip up the paper hearts. So this year I got heart doilies at the local dollar store and laminated them. While I was at it I put biblical quotes and saint quotes on each heart doily. I also got a heart shaped candy box to put them all in. I decorated it with scrapbook paper and pictures. The really hard part was that I had to eat those chocolates. But, I didn't ask for help. After all this whole thing was my idea. Why bring the kids into it?:)
 I bought red Christmas garland for 75% off at the dollar store. I used the garland  to decorate our porch. I also attached laminated hearts with ribbon to the garland. I wrote things like "Happy Saint Valentines Day," "Pray for us Saint Valentine that our hearts will be full of love for Christ" You might notice the big heart in the window.  (DH had my camera today and will have it tomorrow. Getting a good daytime picture is not going to happen soon. So you'll just have to take my word for it. Its cute:)) I used a red plastic tablecloth and wrote "Happy Saint Valentines Day."  BTW--Using a plastic table clothes makes putting it up very easy. I just centered it on the window and it stuck. So putting on the clear shipping tape was easy.
 Here's a close up view. I'm not sure how they will hold up to the weather;D


  1. Hi Kristi! I am working on St Valetine post and I would like to link to yours, but for some reason, I can't save your first picture. Would you send it to me by email?

  2. I hope you got my email. Sorry for the delay:(