Monday, January 17, 2011

Saint Valentine Lapbook

We are trying lap books. They are suppose to be educational and fun.  Cutie Pie was very interested in helping me with this Saint Valentine lap book.

We made a timeline, wrote out the different stories with illustrations, made a Sacred Heart valentine, and a heart match up game.
 Cutie Pie was especially excited because she got to learn about popes too. And you know we are all about the popes:D

 Speaking of popes. Check out our Pope John Paul II lap book. It was the first one we made. But, I think it's the best so far. While you are at the pope blog don't forget to register for my JPII giveaway.

A picture of Cutie Pie hard at work.

We also started some Sacred Heart Valentines. If I can ever figure out how to use my scanner again I will put a template on Scribd.

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