Friday, December 24, 2010

My latest deal

Captain Awesome is doing a reset. So lots of products are getting discontinued. Enter me the bargain hunter. Yogurts that were usually 79 cents were marked down to 59 cents. Some of them were getting close to their expiration date which isn't a bad thing for us because we go through it quickly. So they had 50 cents off coupons on them. Then on top of that I got a 10% employee discount. So I got 79 cent yogurts for 3 cents each!


  1. NICE shopping!!! Logan uses those Damilal's in his smoothies, and Corey uses Blueberry yogurt in his daily.

  2. Yogurt is so delicious and we go through a lot of it too. We tried those Gogurts you were talking about. GH was sooo messy with them that we wont be getting those for a while. Hes just not ready for them yet. But, I loved the fact taht you could freeze them.