Saturday, February 2, 2013

When GH grows up....

Cutie Pie wanted to know what GH wants to be when he grows up. So I told her she should ask him. He told her "Big." as he reached his arms up in the air. I clarified that what he was trying to say was actually called being tall. 

It is interesting that this time he described a physical characteristic as what he wanted to be. Last month he answered the same question with a profession. He wanted to "make underpants." I thought it was funny. Not that a job in the manufacturing industry is funny. But, underpants are funny. I don't care how old you are;D  I told Captain Awesome that his dream made me sort of sad. How do you explain to a four year old that their dream might be too big. Many of those manufacturing jobs are already in third world countries....or will be eventually. He might already be old enough to work in those factories. But, I'm sure they wouldn't give him a work visa. 

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