Sunday, January 20, 2013

Facebook updates

I was in the laundry room folding laundry when Henry came in. He announced that he had taken my coffee upstairs. I asked him where he put it. He smiled and told me it was a mystery. That's not a mystery, that's theft;D
Henry is finally back at school today. Hooray! In other family news this weekend is Ru's half birthday (which is ridiculous to celebrate IMHO) So she requested cupcakes for her class today since she obviously can't pass out cupcakes in July;) So I had to buy some and take them to her school this morning. Afterall, it's her half birthday observed;D Now its time for coffee and coupons:D
This is the year. Tomorrow will be Ricks 16th anniversary with Nash. This is the year that he will be able to tell some young whippersnapper "I've been in grocery longer than you have been alive," when he hires them.

Ruzenka told me, "I don't ever want to go away for college. I think I would be scared. I want to stay here." I told her that was fine. But, that she would have to get a job and do chores around the house. She lets out a big sigh and said, " But, I just want to lay around, play video games and relax." Oh, dear:/

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