Wednesday, December 12, 2012


GH got a stuffed animal reindeer for Christmas from Grandma W. Yesterday he lost it. He started making this really annoying sound. I asked him why he was doing that. He touched his nose and said, "Do you hear that? I hear Rudolfs nose."


The other day GH had an accident after we came home from driving all day. I think he was just off his routine. He seldom wets his pants.  But, it happened. I told him that he was four years old now. And that he is too old for this to be happening. He said, "Ok, I'll go pack my suitcase." ;D So dramatic...So I hugged him and told him he didn't have to leave;D


GH is very concerned that there are no presents under the tree. This is because Big Dog will unwrap them:) So the presents are hidden. But, GH gets dramatic about it and claims that there are no presents because no one loves him:(

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