Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cutie Pie knows the truth....and handled it well.

Maybe it's because she figured it out on her own. But, Ru knows there is no Santa Clause. And it doesn't seem to bother her at all. She handled it far better than I did when I found out. For those who don't know I threw a Santa statue candle at my mom when I found out. But unlike her mother, Cutie Pie has a quiet dignity about herself.

This morning Cutie Pie was playing with a Disney Fairy. She said, "Fairies aren't real." I told her that she was right. Then she told me, "Then the Tooth Fairy isn't real either. But, she left me jelly beans." I said, "The tooth fairy isn't real. And just like on Saint Nicks Day I leave the candy for you." Then I told her how much fun these things are for kids and she agreed. I told her it's also fun for adults too. She told me that she also knows Rudolph and Frosty aren't real. I told her that she was right. At this point she seemed ok with everything. I told her that I was proud of her for handling it so well. And reminded her not to tell the other kids b/c that would ruin it for them. I then went to do my walk.

After I got done with my walk I went passed the kitchen and I saw her take her fairy doll and tell GH that Santa was not real. I brought her into the bathroom and asked her to repeat what she said. She tried to tell me that she told GH that Santa was real. But, eventually admitted to telling him that Santa wasn't real. I told her that I was proud that she figured it out on her own. And that she seemed to be handling it well. But, that she was not allowed to tell any kids about it because that might ruin their Christmas. She seemed to understand that this might upset GH. She asked where the story of Santa came from. I told her it originated from bishop Saint Nicholas. And she seemed happy with that answer. Thank God.

I am hopeful that this realization happened TODAY. As yesterday was the last day of school. Most of her classmates are about a year older than her. They are 9 and she is only 8 until July (it's just plain awful;D) But, they are in 3rd grade and 9 years old. So maybe most of them know already.

I was so worried about making it through this Christmas and being able to tell her the truth about Santa sometime in the summer. But, this worked out ok I guess. So all is long as she doesn't ruin the secret for other kids.

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