Thursday, November 15, 2012


We got the old gears out this week. I don't know if Big Dog really got to play with these much. But, I remember Cutie Pie playing with them with Captain Awesome all the time. 

 Ok this picture needs some explaining. We did Build a Bear last week. This teddy bear is now GH's "baby". On this day GH was pretending that he and his "baby" were kangaroos. He shoved the bear into his pants and was hopping all over the place. I do realize this is a bit weird. But, that is how we roll I guess;D
 Tonight the kids were playing video games. GH came downstairs in tears because Cutie Pie was so into her games that she wouldn't talk to him. He was so sad:9 So we used our trains so we could do an activity together.

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