Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cutie Pie would vote for Jimmy

While I was cooking dinner Cutie Pie told me,
"I would vote Jimmy for President."
I asked, "Jimmy?" 
"Yes, President Jimmy"
 I was a little confused and said, "Jimmy Carter?"  
She said, "Yes Mommy." I told her that Romney and Obama were the ones running for President this year. 
She then told me that she would vote for Barrack Obama. Then she told me that he is awesome. It was like a dagger through my heart:D

Later at dinner she asked why she couldn't vote. Her reasoning is that she is a citizen of this country and should get to vote. I told her the law says that she must be 18. Then I made a little joke about her being so vocal about Obama they would probably let her vote anyway;D (They don't need her to prove she is 18 or a citizen. We all know that voter id laws are prejudice) Then she told us, "Don't laugh at Barrack Obama. Vote for Barrack Obama."

This blog post was approved by the Cutie Pie PAC

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