Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the kiddos

Cutie Pie is working hard on learning multiplication and cursive. She still has a way to go. But, her cursive is about a million times better than mine. So maybe it is I who needs to work on it;D  She also has decided that she wants to be a purple cat magician for Halloween. So I am busy trying to get that together. She is always tormenting GH by calling him "underwear".....I guess this goes both ways:) This is an ongoing battle and it leaves the kids in tears several times a day. Cutie Pie also finds it humorous that underpants are the subject of many conversations.

Big Dog has been obsessed with pbskids.org. He might have a future as a professional meatball launcher. What a world of possibilities pbs has opened up for him. He has been writing "The End" into his books that lack that ending. He writes it everywhere actually;D We don't know what he is going to be for Halloween yet. But, I'm sure he will be super cute. Last night he and the other kids helped our new neighbors rake the leaves and put them into Captain Awesomes truck. Then they played in the back with all the leaves. Big Dog was in Heaven. He was so happy. It was pretty cute. I wish I would have taken pictures.

GH will probably be Scooby Doo for Halloween. He won't let me buzz his hair. He said he wants to be able to brush it with a blue brush. I guess this is his biggest dream right now because he has spoken about it a few times. Now I just have to find a blue brush:) He has been calling me "despicable" I think he stole this phrase from Daffy Duck.  He is also asking me to pack lunches for him to take to preschool. He might be a bit jealous of Cutie Pie and Big Dog's packed lunches;) And before I forget.  I wanted to mention that last night when they were playing in the leaves in the truck. GH kept climbing onto the top of the cab roof and jumping into the leaves. Yeah--my most  cautious child! He is growing up fast.

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