Saturday, September 29, 2012

More pictures

This is what I'm dealing with....a boy who thinks it's hilarious to go outside without pants on and pee everywhere. Nice! I love living on a busy street;)

 Big Dog was excited to bring home another pumpkin home from his field trip to Martin's Hillside. He got the butter knife out and went to work. I took this picture. Then I made him draw what he wanted it took look like and  I cut it out for him. The pumpkin seeds weren't too bad this time:)
 I thought he looked cute. So I took a photo.
 GH got his preschool photos back yesterday. He wanted to carry them around and I didn't want them bent. So I made copies of them for GH to play with. Big Dog did write his name on this sheet. But, Big Dog had no malice in his heart. That's just how he rolls. But, Cutie Pie meant harm when she wrote all over his photos. She is not the best speller. (She gets that from me) But, she was trying to spell underwear  on top of his photos. Underwear is what GH and Cutie Pie talk about and call each other all the time. It's sort of our weird family thing.
BTW- When I asked GH what kind of job he wanted to have when he grew up. He told me he wants to make underwear. Which is fine I guess. You can make a living in manufacturing jobs. So at least he has some prospects.

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