Friday, September 21, 2012

a happy little surprise

Right before GH got home from preschool I discovered that a huge branch from one of the trees in the front yard fell down. Well it sort of fell down. It was lodged in the tree but was partially blocking our alley way. So I called Capt. Awesome at work. He told me to call some guy. Which I did do. But, I got an answering machine. 

I was in Girl Scouts for several years. But, I never got the hang of making good knots. And I never really understood which knot you use for what. But, I thought maybe just maybe I could tie a rope from a thick branch then to the SUV and pull it down slowly. GH was game. So I loaded him up in his car seat. Then tied the rope up to the best of my ability. Haha. Turns out that I am awesome. And I easily got the branch out of the tree. That's when the hard work began because now even more of the alley was blocked. And that branch was going no where b/c it was heavy and I am a wussy. 

 Luckily, GH was more than happy to assist me. He carried small branches to the pile. And whacked at the tree branches.....which really helped;D haha
 Before I managed to get it all hacked up;D GH tied the rope from the tree branch to his Big Red car to make sure I got the tree down. He actually told a lady that was passing by that he pulled the branch down with his Big Red Car.

Perhaps he was reliving the experience. I don't know. But, I do know this. I am glad this didn't happen when  people were around or with a foot of snow on the ground. I also kind of see why guys like their toys tools. It was a lot of fun. I think I will always remember helping GH with the ax. And yes you read that right. I helped him put on goggles and helped him hit the branch. Don't worry we were very careful and he is perfectly fine:) He really enjoyed doing "man work".

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