Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the boys

Last week when we were making banana bread. Big Dog picked up some apples and wanted to "make applesauce". I told him no b/c I hate having more than one cooking project going at one time. But, today we were given a lot of apples, pears, and peaches. So we made some applesauce. Big Dog is pictured below taking what he viewed as his fair share. In his defense he did help more than anyone else. 

 Tonight the boys were fighting in their room. I really hadn't noticed since I'm trying to ignore a lot of stuff. But, GH came downstairs and was complaining about it. I told him to sleep in my room. And really this is my room. I end up sleeping there almost every night. The boys must have made peace b/c I found them sleeping beside each other in my room. It's amazing how peace couldn't be reached in their own room...but, look at them here;)

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