Monday, August 20, 2012


This is the monkey that threw Cutie Pie out of the Cutie Pie club.

 Cutie Pie was pretty upset about the whole thing. When Captain Awesome asked her why she let the monkey into her club in the first place she said, "It was a bad idea dad. He is a bad monkey." 


I took GH to the grocery store this morning. As we were walking towards the entrance he saw some of the workers sitting by the back door. GH then said, "I want to go sit with them." I looked at him and said, "GH you can't go sit with them. You are four years old. And they are smoking." Then he started to giggle. 

GH told me, "Don't close the (bathroom) door. People want to see my pee." I told him that no one wanted to see his pee. Then he told me "You close that door and you be in big trouble." After I closed the door he came out laughing and pointing his finger at me saying "You have a time out."

GH and I were on Pinterest. (Yeah, I know. Parent of the Year) He saw a picture of Kate Middleton. And said "She's a princess" I told him "Sort of ...she married a prince" He then said that "She is pretty like a ballerina." Then he started talking about Sponge Bob;D Kate just can't hold a candle to Bob;D

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