Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facebook Updates for the Resistance

My SIL is part of the Facebook Resistance. So she needs updates. Here are some from today.

I helped Henry make a surfboard out of a cardboard box today. He was trying to catch a wave in the kitchen while Ru did her school work. Ru looked up and said "Great he gets to have fun while I have to work." She might get this sarcasm thing after all;D


Ruzenka keeps putting banana splits on my to do lists. It's almost like she's trying to tell me something;D

(a Raising Wahooligans exclusive: not on FB;D)

Big Dog also had his physical and shots for kindergarten today. He woke up screaming earlier but, is almost asleep now. I gave him medicine, band-aids and some cold wash clothes. Luckily, he hasn't had the fever he did with his first MMR shot. Cutie Pie didn't get the fever with the second one either. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I am hopeful:)  I think its going to be smooth sailing with vaccines from now on:) 

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