Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Dog

Big Dog was quite devastated when Jack went missing. We had received a call from the pet rescue in town. He had been spotted. So we went out looking for him. When we came home empty handed Big Dog and GH went into complete meltdowns. Later that day we got a call. Jack had been trapped and we got him back. The kids were delighted.

Big Dog is all about feeding and taking care of the cat. So he was upset when Jack went missing. So he spent a lot of time making up for lost time with Jack. And because of that, the cat is very loyal to him. Jack tried to follow us to the pool today. I eventually realized Jack wasn't going back. So we turned around, took him home and put him inside.


Big Dog is all about his toy dog (not Bob). The dog is sort of naughty. When we do flashcards with Big Dog. That dog will start barking at Big Dog every once in a while. He will pant until Big Dog gives him a hug;D Then the dog will run around all over the place.

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