Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tour of Parks Preview - Prague

The kiddos were more than happy to go preview some parks today. 

Up for consideration Prague Park. We drive to Prague on 92. Then take a right onto 79. From there it is about 8 miles. Fun things to look for on that stretch include a windmill in the ditch and a sign in Czech. Anyway, when you approach Prague you will see a curve that goes right (east) that goes by a ball park. Take that road into town. Go about two blocks until you reach Railroad road. Take a left there. Then drive (you will be going north) about three blocks. There is a park on the left that is enclosed with a white fence. There is parking right before the park. This park is well shaded on the south part. With some trees and shelter. But, the volleyball court, basketball court and playground equipment is not shaded. It is definitely not a park to go to at lunch time on a hot day:) But, it's a great park. Especially for little ones. There are two baby swings, two rocking animals (4 if you count the Donald Duck toy). 

 There is a merry go round, three swings for older children and a large slide.
There are park benches as well as picnic tables to sit at. But, there is NO BATHROOM. So take a potty break at the gas station before you show up:) There is no water fountain but there is a water pump which is easy to operate. Lisa and Stephanie might remember that:)

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