Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Strawberry Pickin' -Big Dog was having none of it

Big Dog has no interest in agriculture. He just wants to pick up his strawberries at the super market like everyone else. (Why does mom insist on taking us out into a field to pick strawberries?) 

 GH insisted on picking green strawberries because he thought they would be yummy.
 Cutie Pie picked only the shiniest reds:)
 Yes, that is Big Dog trying to escape the field while the rest of us worked and posed for pictures. Get back here Big Dog!
 We had a nice haul by the time Big Dog had finally had it with the nonsense. We made some fruit smoothies when we got home from the patch. And we also used some of our strawberries to make a fruit salad.
I have been trying lots of new recipes that I have found on Pinterest. So now Cutie Pie is under the impression that I could easily whip up some strawberry pies;D Yeah, we'll see;)

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