Thursday, May 24, 2012

new water exhibit

The new water exhibit opened today at the Children's Museum. It's new and interesting. But, honestly I liked the old stuff more. But, it's still pretty cool. 

 Cutie Pie just loves birds.......
 The kiddos really enjoyed digging the sea shells out of the sand and water.

 All the kids loved the beavers that spit water:)
 Then we explored the other exhibits.
 Cutie Pie went to the art area and made this for me. I have to say I'm glad she realizes I am the best. This is their second trip to the museum this week:) I deserve something for that:)

 This is my favorite picture from the trip. Big Dog and some other dog on the rover.
 But, I do also like this one of Big Dog taking care of all the babies:)

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  1. That museum looks like alot of fun. I think my kids would come out of the water area soaking wet!!