Saturday, April 7, 2012

If you can't take a joke that borders on blasphemy don't read this post

Today is one of those rare days in which I am glad my children don't go to Catholic school. Several times today Cutie Pie has jokingly told me that Easter is the day that the Easter bunny rose from the dead. Even though she knows this is not the case. She thinks this is hillarious. I know where she is coming from. It is sort of funny.  So yes, today I am glad that my child doesn't go to a Catholic school. And the Catholic schools probably feel the same way. If she did attend a Catholic school,  I imagine that she would be quickly expelled, bringing shame to her entire family;D


  1. She better be careful, public schools expel children for even HINTING upon anything religious--to which the Easter bunny rising from the dead these days would be considered religious propaganda... lol!

    On another borderline blasphemous joke--Jeff and I about turned purple when he quoted a line from DODGEBALL (A movie I DO NOT recommend, but have kept a few one liners for my 'I need a laugh' resource file) in regards to Jesus kicking the rock from the front of the tomb and stating "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood..." Again...I'm not sure if this is blasphemy...but goodness, the way my husband acts out this make believe NOT TRUE scene of our Savior's life...I can only hope God sees our love and respect in that He is awesome, and we are not. :)

    God bless & have a happy Easter!!

  2. I never thought about it Jennifer. But, it might be more shameful for her to get kicked out of public school:/

    I heard you have a blog now. But, I couldnt find a link anywhere. I am hoping I can follow your comment:)

    Hope you have an awesome Easter season!

  3. How could I forget to say "No one makes me bleed my own blood" is hillarious!