Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Dog is Six!

Today was a big day. Big Dog turned six. We started the day at grandma and grandpas dying Easter eggs. It was a blast. Then we dropped the other two kiddos off at B's house and took Big Dog out for dinner. We let him have chicken strips even though it's a Friday in Lent. He doesn't have to eat fish b/c he's only six...and come on. It's his birthday:)

When we got home we had some cake. The candles were awful. So we didn't get a good video either:(

 He loved his cake. Thank you Pinterest uploader:)

 Then he opened his gifts from us.
 He got a remote control monster truck.
 And a Nerf Super Soaker water gun.
 The other kids were more than happy to be shot. At some point in time he must have let them use the gun b/c he came inside with a soaked shirt. He took off his shirt and had me refill his gun. The other two came in the door. He pointed the gun at them and said "Get outside":O
 This Super Soaker brought out his inner warrior. While they were playing outside our cat Jack got outside. And Big Dog shot him with water:/ Cutie Pie immediately brought Jack inside. Jack looked a little shook up.

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