Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cutie Pie has been asking for a cat for a few months. I kept ignoring her. And for a very legitimate reason. I didn't want a cat;D Unfortunately her father heard her unending pleas. So we got this cat (on a trial basis) from our community pet rescue. He's pretty cool I guess.

 But, I have to admit I'm not really ready for the lifestyle adjustment. (Seriously, the cat dish belongs in the carrier)
 The kids are a bit rough with him. So when the cat takes a swipe at the kids.....I side with the cat. It's probably not a good sign that I side with the cat. (BTW--that bandaged injury wasn't inflicted by the cat. That was a play date injury)
 He sort of fits in here. He is actually quite patient with our children. I could probably learn a lot from him. It's probably not a good thing that a cat might be wiser than me;D

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