Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hippie Stuff

Well it's official. We are turning into a bunch of hippies. GH is constantly handing me tiny scraps of paper telling me I need to recycle it. And Cutie Pie finally won an ongoing battle over a compost bin. Yeah, out of all the things a seven year old girl could want. She demands a compost bin.

It's nothing fancy. But, its for rotting scraps of fruits, veggies and leaves. How fancy does it really have to be? Cutie Pie is very unrealistic about how long it takes to compost. The boys are equally unrealistic. Here is a picture of GH monitoring the progress.

Even though the progress has been slow. Cutie Pie is still enthusiastic. She comes into the kitchen with a big smile on her face and asks "Hey Mom! Do you have any compost scraps?"

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