Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every year we name our Christmas tree. We have done this since our first Christmas together. This year our tree was named Magdalena.

Cutie Pie was very upset today when we were going to take Magdalena to the tree drop off in town. She kept saying that she was sad that Magdalena had to go. We kept telling her that trees are not like people. But, she didn't believe us. Can't say I blame her. You always have to consider the source;D Anyway, Captain Awesome was really concerned when she insisted on going with him to the tree drop off. But, it ended up being a really good thing that she went.

Cutie Pie was delighted when she saw the pile of trees.  She told Captain Awesome, "Magdalena gets to be with her family now." When they got out of the truck Cutie Pie started jabbering to the pile of trees;D I'm so glad that it all worked out.

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