Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GH dreams of bacon

This afternoon GH woke up from a nap. He started asking where the bacon was. I thought he smelled the chicken I was cooking. So I told him that we weren't having bacon, that we were having chicken for dinner. Apparently he had a dream that we were at grandma and grandpas. They had made bacon just like they did on our last visit there. Basically he thought the bacon was there when he woke up. Obviously it wasn't. Oh reality can be so cruel:/

I tried to explain that just because he dreamed it, it didn't mean that it would be there when he woke up. But, he didn't believe me. He tore through the house demanding to know where the bacon was. Again I told him that it was just a dream.

When I asked him if he wanted to call grandma about it he said yes. When we got grandma on the phone he asked her where the bacon was. She didn't know. Then she asked him if I had taken it. He said "hmmmm". I can't say I'm surprised that I would be a suspect. I do like bacon. And I probably would have eaten it if it was unattended:)

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