Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sort of good and sort of bad

My mom has been in the hospital in my hometown for a week. It's a long commute...especially to make on Dec 2nd. I sort of have a phobia about the 2nd. It's just another way God likes to mess with me;D Anyway, I didnt like the two hour commute one way.

This week she got transfered to a heart hospital closer to me. So we have been able to see her a few  more times. She seems to be in better spirits. But, then again. If I wasn't with me all the time and then all of a sudden I was there all the time. I suppose I would be a lot happier too.

Now this isn't good news at all. I developed an allergy to Era detergent. So now the only kinds I can use are Xtra and Tide. I should have seen this coming. All of a sudden Chuck Norris is endorsing Era. I am a wussy. So obviously I can't handle anything approved by Chuck Norris.

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