Thursday, December 29, 2011


We went to lunch at CiCi's today. We decided to stop at Petsmart and pick up some goldfish on our way out of town. Yeah we spent a whole 42 cents. But, it was totally worth it b/c we got fish.....and we were entertained for a good half hour looking at the animals.

Before we went in GH started asking about buying a Zhu Zhu pet at the store. We told him it wasn't that type of store. That they just had real pets and supplies. He got all sad about it. But, he was determined not to let this go. It was a pet store. So why wouldn't there be Zhu Zhu pets? That's just how his brain works.  He kept asking for them as we went through the aisles, "Where are the zhu zhu pets?"

Eventually we got to the little critters and he was pretty excited.  

Then GH found the baby red eared slider turtles. He was very concerned with one of the turtles that was up on a log. He kept saying "Watch out baby turtle." "Don't fall baby turtle." We tried to reassure him that the baby turtle would not fall.

Then the turtle did fall. Isn't that how it always goes? So I guess that shows us how much we know. Luckily the turtle fell onto his back and his shell protected him:)

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