Friday, December 30, 2011

no good deed goes unpunished

I have been catching up with my mending despite my addiction to Pinterest. I was sitting on the couch sewing up one of GH's superhero costumes. GH kept getting into my sewing kit. I told him a few times not to play with the items because I didn't want him to get poked by a needle. Then I would tell him to just watch me or I redirected him to something else. After a few minutes I kind of spaced him off. I was working hard you know;D And of course, GH is GH. And I wasn't paying attention. I was an easy target I guess;)  He got into my sewing kit, grabbed a pin and poked me with it. He then quickly said, "I'm sorry mommy." and put the pin back into the pin cushion. Then he ran off. Which was probably a really good idea;D

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