Thursday, December 15, 2011

My deepest apologies to Chuck Norris and the makers of Era

I was mistaken when I accused you of manufacturing/endorsing a skin eating detergent. It is not the detergent that was causing huge hives/bumps on my arms. My life is usually full of stress. But, it was my mother who pushed me over the edge and caused this hideous rash . Surprise surprise!!!!!

This really shouldn't be a surprise. She worked really hard to screw up my childhood. And yes I did say she worked hard at it. No one can be that successful and not be trying.  I was helpless then. But, it's my own fault if I let her destroy me now. So what am I gonna do about this? Well I am trying to heal myself by not talking to her for a while;D Here's to hoping that my cure works;D

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