Thursday, December 8, 2011

The many uses of Windex

Do you remember the father in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Well if you don't here's a little refresher. This man was obsessed with two things: being Greek.....and his belief that Windex could fix anything. 

Big Dog is all about Windex these days. In fact he is upping his game to obtain it. He has found keys for doors, and has jimmied the door locks in the past. His Aunt Shelia would be so proud. But, it's getting worse.

On Monday I was driving up to see my mom in the hospital. I had made it about half way there when I got a call from Captain Awesome saying that Big Dog had gotten into the Windex. He had been sick. But, when Captain Awesome found him he was laying in a pile of his stuffed animals sleeping with the bottle opened. So of course I had to turn around and come back. Luckily he didn't really drink anything that we know of. The Windex might not have cleaned up any acne. But, it sure got our attention.

But that's not all our Windex drama. This evening I came into the living room and saw him pointing the Windex bottle at two connecting plugs for our Christmas lights. I yelled, "No Big Dog!" But, he squirted it three times before I could get to him. Luckily, he didn't get zapped.

Because of this I'm in the market for some big lock up closets  or cabinets. An extra layer (or several) of security is just what we need. So if you see anything let me know:)

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